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Stacey Ann Roush

My earliest years of creativity began at the feet of nurturing parents, one of whom was a professional art teacher. Living under Dad's roof growing up, I watched and absorbed many tips and techniques in multiple mediums, first-hand.

Ironically, it wasn't till decades later that real motivation and opportunity to create art converged for me, far from home. It happened while working as a digital nomad in South America, my stay-cation base for over six years.
Amidst a vibrant, inspiring culture and astounding natural beauty, I bought an easel and some brushes in 2016. Soon my hobby turned to passion.

Eventually, I returned to the U.S., settling in Southwest Florida. These days, I continue to create large, tropical canvases with bright Latin influences.
It's my meditation and flow.

Friends and followers can usually recognize my work, commenting it is unique, fresh, and full of vida/life!


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