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Stained Glass

Stacy Moody

I started working with stained glass in the mid 1990's as a fun hobby that I learned to do with a few friends. From there it grew to making larger panels for windows and when I moved to Florida in 2016 I began doing craft shows. I shifted from the craft show arena to art galleries. I use different techniques to create my artwork. The Tiffany method is used for window panels and smaller sun catchers and garden stakes. I do not do architectural pieces. But for the art gallery I mainly do stained glass mosaics. I find I can get much finer detail with the tiny pieces I can use with this technique. I tend to make a lot of birds or animals because my heart is there. Almost anything found in nature is a good subject for me. I have also done various commissions for people such as a large Celtic knot panel. The pieces I hang in the gallery are intended to hang on a wall. I also make mosaics or stained glass panels that should be hung in a window.

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