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Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor


A love of painting began early in my life when I started experimenting with chalk pastels as a teenager. This grew to include painting in oils when I majored art at the University of Connecticut. I started painting with acrylics and watercolors later on in life and have experimented with encaustic painting as well. At present I am really having fun painting with palette knives using both oils and acrylics. I have enjoyed taking art classes at Edison College and Florida Gulf Coast University as well as attending many workshops with both local and nationally acclaimed artists. I have been teaching painting in Southwest Florida for over twenty years.

My paintings are generally based in realism. Inspiration comes from the natural beauty that surrounds us everywhere. The lush tropical foliage, abundance of birds and wildlife, beautiful beaches, and unforgettable vistas, offer endless painting opportunities. I have also strayed into portraiture on occasion and my portfolio includes several paintings of children and adults I have painted over the years. Through workshops and interacting with other artists, I hope to continue to expand my horizons.

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