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Expense Reporting Forms

Anyone who has been authorized to purchase an item for the gallery, must complete an Expense Report form to receive reimbursement for the purchase or document the purchase if it was purchased on an ACSWF issued credit card.

Reimbursement requests should be submitted during the same month the expense was incurred.

Expense reimbursement forms may be downloaded in Excel format or PDF for those without access to Excel.

  • Purchase inexpensive (each item not to exceed $50), expendable items such as paper cups, paper plates, paper towels, soap, cleaning supplies, trash bags, soda, drinking water, coffee, coffee filters, coffee lightener, sugar, printing paper, envelopes, etc., as needed and without prior approval, and will be reimbursed with appropriate completed forms and receipts.   [P&P 4.8 – Reimbursement Request Form may be used for this purpose.]

  • Purchase more expensive items such as electric coffee pots, etc. with prior Officer approval

To receive reimbursement for items purchased on behalf of the gallery, complete the Expense report below detailing the items purchased and what it was purchased for.  The completed Expense report should then be sent to the ACSWF President at for authorization.  

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