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COCO Gallery Artist Application

We are pleased to see you are interested in joining our artist family.

​Please note that all applicants are juried during the third week of each month. Applications will receive the results of the jury process during the last week of the month.

Please review our Prospectus for details on qualifications as a gallery artist.  If you meet the criteria outline in the Prospectus and want to join our gallery, please complete the membership application below.

Prior to completing the artist application, please be sure you meet the following criteria:

  1. The artist must belong to one of our member organizations at the time of application.

  2. The artist must reside in Collier, Lee, Glade, Henry, or Charlotte counties in Southwest Florida.

  3. If accepted to the Estero gallery, the artist must be willing to staff the Estero gallery for one 6-hour shift per month.

  4. If accepted to the Naples gallery, the artist must be willing to staff the Naples gallery for two 6-hour shifts per month.

A non-refundable $30 application fee will be charged at the time of application. 

​Each artist extended an invitation to one of our galleries, will be allowed three months to participate in their first receiving day.  Suppose an artist does not attend a receiving within three months of acceptance, without prior notice. In that case, the artist will be required to reapply to the gallery and undergo the jury process again.

Artist Application

Which Gallery(s) are youinterested in exhibiting your art?
Are you a year round resident?
If No, which months are you living in Southwest Florida?
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Thank you for applying to COCO Art Gallery! All artist applicants undergo a jury process during the third week of the month. Once the jury process has been completed for your application a member of the jury team will contact you.

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