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Jury Criteria

Our Jury Pool is selected from our highly skilled, award-winning Artists with expertise in several mediums. COCO Art Gallery’s policy is that Jurors remain anonymous.

All 2-D and 3-D art should comply with the standards as described in the Prospectus & Receiving Procedures on our website.

Maintaining a balance in variety and style and the proportion between abstract and representational art has always been a goal of COCO. We tell you this so you will understand that jurying may need to be even stricter and more selective at certain times when we have a large number of art pieces (especially wall art) in a particular type/style due to limited space.

The following elements are the building blocks of art and are used by the Jury Committee to evaluate each Artist’s work when included will add extra depth, dimension, texture, and interest to your artwork, taking it to a higher level.

          ● Line Shape Form Space Value Color Texture

   Other items considered are:

         ● Uniqueness
         ● Presentation (including, but not limited to, proper wiring, matting, and framing)
         ● Mastery of technique

COCO Art Gallery is pleased with the interest from an ever-increasing number of experienced Artists. This has resulted in higher Jurying standards and an increase in competition for the limited exhibition space in our Galleries.

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