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Artists of COCO Gallery

Artists of COCO Gallery


Patricia Abosch

Focusing on our unique Florida landscape, whether it's the quickly changing skies, tropical plants, the mysteries of the wetlands and sloughs, and the shore birds has become the subject of my paintings since moving to Southwest Florida.


Carolina Albrizzio-López

I love how the watercolors and inks slide through the wet paper. The brightness, light and colors of water mediums remind me of the tropics, my birthplace. The color stains produced by these paints are unpredictable, never identical. I love that of watercolor

Acrylic on Canvas

Lisbeth Ascanio

Expressing and breathing life into art has always been my deep-seated passion. Art has the power to transport, invite, and stir emotions. As an artist, my focus lies in crafting pieces that emanate tranquility and offer a sense of relaxation in the midst of our complex world. This serves as my driving force. While I find a profound connection with abstract subjects, I also harbor a fascination for figurative art, reminiscent of my early days when I sketched objects as they appeared in art classes. Acrylic is my primary medium, allowing me to create diverse textures and play with vibrant colors against a backdrop of neutral tones, aiming to establish a dual dimension in some of my paintings. Witnessing the joy of a satisfied customer, who finds inspiration in a captured moment, is my ultimate gratification.
Lisbeth Ascanio


Lisa Batch

My art is an extension of my inner self. I choose to paint in a variety of approaches and mediums. Mostly I work with acrylic, but I have enjoyed pastel, water color, charcoal, inks, and most recently I have been inspired by the use of multi-media assemblage. Whatever I’m painting, I seek a lyrical and rhythmic flow as I create an image that I hope will resonate and linger with the viewer.


Nancy Burke

My passion is to create pieces of jewelry that are as unique as you are!

Oil & Watercolor

Laura Buxo

Plein Air painting here in Florida is a great challenge. There is so much beauty around us. I feel my task is to capture a little piece of that beauty each time I set up my easel.


Rebecca Christopher

I am inspired by nature’s abundance of glorious beauty. I use acrylic paints with added fluid medium to keep the paints pliable, then, using a straw and palette knife, I blow the colors into whatever I feel like creating. I try to use this technique in every painting, but there are some that are just heavy acrylics and
brush strokes. Whether I am painting a dune scene, a floral, or a seahorse, my style is identifiable.

I have always admired impressionist art, and I feel that term best suits my style. Instead of just painting what I see, I prefer to let the colors speak to me and drive my creation.


Kathleen Cody

In the fluid dance of art, I find solace amidst the landscape and wildlife that embrace my life's journey. Each scenario I encounter beckons a distinct painting style leading me to embark on artistic discovery and expression.

Acrylic, Oil, Resin, Alcohol Ink

JoAnne Crowson

I am an abstract/impressionist artist based in Naples, FL who works in a free and intuitive style allowing my paintings to emerge through the color and lines applied to the canvas until the emotions of the piece emerge. Color is a powerful tool in invoking emotion, and I couple the use of color with the music playing in my studio to maximize the energy in a piece.

Watercolor, acrylic

Jan Deswik

I work mainly from mental image, memories and impressions, aiming for an ethereal dreamlike quality to convey an emotional experience rather than a snapshot of the subject.
I want to draw the viewer into my picture. What you tell me you see is far more interesting to me than anything I could think about it.

Oils, acrylics, cast bronze

Barbara Ellis

I’ve always loved creating art. As a child I was always drawing on anything at hand. Travel inspires me more than anything else. After retirement, my late husband and I spent nine years living in an RV, traveling all over the U.S. and Mexico. Now Florida’s beaches and tropical plants and birds are frequent subjects in my paintings.


MaryPat Everist

Glass is a magical medium with amazing properties, colors and uses. My work focuses on one-of-a kind organic decorative art that celebrates coastal living and the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

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