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Can any artist submit work for exhibit/sale at the Art Council's COCO Art Gallery? 

No, to show/sell work at the COCO Art Gallery, the artist must be a member of one of the Art Council's member organizations and you must live in the Southwest Florida area.

Can any piece of art or craft be exhibited/sold at the COCO Art Gallery? 

Everything exhibited/sold at the Art Gallery is juried to offer the best quality produced by our member artists. The Prospectus describes those items that may be juried "out" of the show, with the jurors' decisions final.

Does the exhibit/sale of work at the COCO Art Gallery provide any benefit to the ACSWF member organizations? 

With each sale, a percentage of the sale price goes to the ACSWF member organization to which the artist belongs. In several cases, this money may exceed the amount that the organization pays for membership in the Art Council.

Why are those exhibiting at the Art Gallery required to work as sales personnel at the gallery? 

The Art Council emphasizes that the Art Gallery is a true "cooperative," highlighting volunteer service while providing the value-added experience of selling and curating artwork, plus the opportunity to network with other artist volunteers while staffing the gallery.

Does an affiliate organization receive any benefit beyond the commission contribution from each sale?
The Art Council is committed to publicizing the classes, exhibits, and various other activities of its member organizations to create a synergy between them and to improve the awareness of these organizations by the general public living in and visiting this area of Florida.

Is the COCO Art Gallery a mall retailer? 

No, the Art Council very much appreciates the mall's donation of our retail space to the Council and the artists of its affiliate organizations. The Council pays maintenance costs, and in return for the use of the gallery offers to the mall its creative activities as a value-added benefit.

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