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Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil, Digital

Dorothea Neumann

As a young child I spent countless hours drawing animals, people and scenery. However the reality of the job market intervened and I pursued a career as a H. R. professional. Upon retiring I once again indulged my passion for art. Initially I painted landscapes and animals in oil. But soon my imagination drove me to investigate the abstract world. I indulged in the bright colors, the fantastical shapes, the various textures and intriguing techniques that acrylic abstraction offered. I started showing at a local gallery and soon expanded my horizons. To date I have sold artworks from Florida to Illinois and from Montreal to Vancouver. Since 2016 I have regularly exhibited at both Coco Art Galleries in Naples and Estero as well as various Estero Art League special exhibits. From 2005 to 2017 I displayed art with Comité Art D’Oevres and was president for 4 years. In 2023, 600 entries were submitted to the Five Deuces Galleria small works special exhibit; 100 were chosen of which 2 were mine.

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