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Martin Sherman

I initially started as a self-taught painter the summer before college entrance. I began Hamilton College as a biology major, but soon switched to a combined art history and studio art concentration while still pursuing premedical studies. There I was mentored by Professor James Penny, a somewhat well-known mid twentieth century artist. Between semesters at Hamilton, I also was able to take art classes at Skidmore College and Cornell University.
During my career as a practicing physician and assistant clinical professor of pediatrics, I continued to maintain a small art studio where I produced a limited number of pieces. Over the last ten years I have been devoting full attention to creating varied images with predominantly acrylics.
Being red-green color blind has led to interesting choices of color palates and fascination with light on surfaces. My compositions range from recognizable images to completely nonobjective displays. Ultimately, I strive to produce works that both please my visual and emotional aesthetic and display and share them with others.

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