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MaryPat Everist

I have been a fused glass artist for 30 years and initially studied with some of the original glass fusers in Portland, Oregon, home of the Bullseye Glass Company.
I grew up in Iowa and have also lived in South Dakota, Georgia, California, Oregon, Washington, Nebraska, Texas, the Philippines (Peace Corps), and of course, Florida. In Oregon, I had an art framing business, Art Assembly, and in Texas, an art shop called the Betelnut Box. Living in so many different places has given me a real appreciation of the wonderful diversity of people and nature.
At an early age, I was influenced by my mother, an artist, who enrolled my sisters and me in art classes in the various cities we lived. Throughout my life, I have taken many workshops in glass, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, metal-working, and stone-carving.
Fused glass is my passion. My current work is composed of a unique coastal collection of fused glass dolphin waves, coral, sea fans, mermaids, island trees, and coral reef dioramas. I enjoy finding inspiration at the beach and love doing sea life glass art incorporating various organic designs in glass, accented with local driftwood, shells, coral, and seaweed.

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