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Linda Stasiak

Born in Yorkshire England, Linda came to the United States with her family as a young child. A U.S. resident for over 60 years, she has lived in Chicago and Northwest Indiana and now resides in Naples, Florida. Linda is a part time travel agent who loves to capture photographs of her travels around the world.

Linda started painting about 25 years ago. Her interest in painting began while watching a PBS television show where the artist painted flowers using one stroke. That spurred her to look into local art classes. She explained to her instructor and mentor, Wes Berrier, that she had never painted before and in fact hadn’t even picked up a brush! Berrier’s teaching of Rembrandt’s style of chiaroscuro (or light and dark) was a far cry from one stroke flowers! Linda continued with Wes until moving to Naples 11 years ago. She has also taken classes locally at the Center for Visual Arts in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Linda has participated in numerous shows and exhibitions in and around NW Indiana and Florida and has won awards at local galleries as well as the County Fair. One of her paintings, Tulip in the Wind, was accepted as a meritorious entry in the Richeson School of Art competition exhibit book. She does commission work for private collections. She enjoys portrait work and also utilizes her travel photos in her paintings.

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