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Acrylic on Canvas

Lisbeth Ascanio

I am an abstract/figurative artist and fashion designer. From an early age, I took my first steps in art and music, influenced by my older brother, Rodolfo, who is also an artist. That artistic influence has always been present in my life. At the age of 7, I could draw portraits accurately. This connection with art motivated me to study Fashion Design, reinforcing my pictorial skills oriented toward fashion.

As an artist, I am mainly interested in creating works that fill the space where they cohabit with their essence, light, and good vibes, so that the viewer feels pleased. I want to convey peace and relaxation within this complicated world that sometimes overwhelms us.

I am especially fascinated by female faces and figures. They are artworks in themselves, with all their curves and shapes, so I include them in many of my works. This reflects the influence I draw from the world of fashion.

Abstract art also catches my attention. Feeling the oscillation of the flow of colors and textures in the abstract is divine and fascinating. The opportunity that this theme gives you to express yourself as an artist is enormous.

I find inspiration through daily observation of the world around me and the sheer volume of images I encounter on social media and the internet. From there, I draw my inspiration, and, together with my vision, merge these ideas to produce original works through painting. That’s what I love creating the most.

Culture is very important to me; I grew up admiring art. My favorite activity is observing: objects, textures, colors, and faces, and, of course, admiring art.

“Looking is a pleasure, even more so when you are in front of a masterpiece.” - Lisbeth Ascanio.

My greatest satisfaction will always be having a happy customer who will enjoy a moment of inspiration that will be captured forever.

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