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Watercolor / MM Collage

Maggie Henry

Hello, My name is Maggie Henry and I am a current resident of Bonita Springs, Florida.

For the past five years I have taught Exploring Mixed Media Collage and One Day workshops at the Center For The Arts Bonita Springs.

As a child, I discovered that I had a natural talent and was lucky enough to be surrounded by a family that encouraged me to be creative.

My art journey has been a life long experience. I continue in my personal discovery through experimentation and working with many materials and modalities.

Currently, I paint in watercolor and acrylics which lend themselves beautifully to my artwork and design. I love the versatility of these mediums, as they are water based and lend themselves to using color washes, they have a quick drying time and are an asset to my work.

From watercolor painting, mixed media collage, acrylic art and paper arts, all of these art forms add to my knowledge and enhance my skill level.

Through the play of light and shadows, subtle changes in color and attention to details, my paintings take on a life of their own. In addition to my watercolor painting I also love to create mixed media collage projects, hand made greeting cards and paper arts using these same mediums along with hand painted and hand stamped art tissue. All of the stamping on the tissue is created by me and most of my stamps are handmade.

My art is a discovery process. I find subjects that interest me and I work to make my vision a reality. For me, all subjects in the natural world have an artistic appeal. By loving all things in nature, my hope is to share my passion and emotion with you…the viewer…the buyer of my art.

I am available and enjoy creating commissioned work as well.

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